New partners

Some News, Minimmo will be in standby and A new project take place base on the same engine. Chat system with zombie survival and adventure called Zombie Buster. Single player and coop multiplayer gonna be availlable. 2 new partners will help in this project.

Screenshots and videos will coming soon. We already have a working prototype and invitation for alpha and beta testing will coming really soon.

The website will be reveal at the end of the month.





Best Wishes in 2015

With a start of a new year, we plan most of project for the year 2015.

We work on a multiplayers project call Minimmo , a simple world chat with arcade game, achievements, upgrade, skill and PVP competitive games.

The preview of some part of the game will show up at the end of  January.

We also want to convert the old tabletop Dragon Dice Online using the dimensionex engine and tomcat server, and convert to HTML5 version.

We also show up new preview of future projects in  some months.

Best Wishes in 2015





Under Construction

Welcome to Gaminster. A little indie game developper in Sherbrooke, Canada.

Working on some html5 games for the web, android and ios.

Next Title coming soon Space Turmoil, a little space shooter coming for online play.

Keep watching, videos, screenshot and beta coming really soon.