Space Turmoil

Year 2090…Earth is on the edge of dying.

We barely survived the last war over the remaining fossil fuel, humans had no choice but to turn to solar energy.

Our need in energy where greater than we though… we had to improve our gathering technology by building Solar farms.

Mega corporation’s greed went too far, and now solar farms capture too much of the sun’s radiation leaving the earth core in jeopardy…

to replenish the lack of energy to the core, black holes from the space turmoil are the only option left. we need to capture 100 of them.

For this mission, a ship equipped with a black hole capacitor energy tank and micro portal teleportation system has been build.

You are earth last chance of survival.. go and save us from ourselves..

Space Turmoil is now available for Android’s phones and tablets .

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Space Turmoil is now available for Chromebook and Chrome Browser .

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